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Future Opportunities

Looking for a Career Move?

You and I know there is never a 'good' time to make a career move - there's always going to be something you are in the middle of - but can you imagine a situation in which it would make sense?

Unless you feel 100% confident that a new position would not be better than where you are currently, we invite you to confidentially register your employment profile. The reward for your investment of time now is that, possibly now or in the future, it may have a profoundly positive life changing experience. Once you are a possible candidate for a current search, we will contact you to share their story - why they are hiring for the role, where the company is going, and what that would mean for you. We will then work with you to ensure you are prepared thoroughly to meet and exceed their expectations in who the client wants to bring on board.

We offer:

  • Free and confidential communication
  • Honest advice about your ability to secure a new role
  • Someone with experience, contacts, and credibility in the world-of-work
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics

We make every effort to contact registered career-seekers with relevant experience who fit our niche of industries. We want to make your acquaintance and to determine if our client-base is a good match for your personal career goals and aspirations. However, due to the large volume of registrants, this is often a daunting task. As such, we invite you to contact us following registration for a primary telephone interview (1.888.778.0570).

Our firm works diligently to ensure that all career-seekers presented have a high potential of success with the client. To confirm the position is right for both you and the client for the long term, we have a couple processes that we use to help determine that ‘fit’. We want you to be confident in your decision to pursue a new opportunity.

We should note, most of our clients are based in the smaller centres in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. A high percentage of our successful appointments resulted in relocation.

Get Started

It is a simple and easy process to include your career profile in our records. Doing so allows you to immediately, confidentially, and securely present your qualifications and experience for current or future positions with our client-base.

Email your resume today to gain all the benefits GRS has to offer.


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